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CUBE Engine : an HTML5 isometric game engine (Javascript/Canvas)

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CUBE Engine is an HTML5 game engine I’m presently developping for an online browser game project.

The engine is coded in Javascript from scratch, it doesn’t rely on any 3rd party library

The engine itself doesn’t do any rendering, this will allow to use different rendering methods to target different platforms for example. the actual version uses a Canvas renderer (I’ll maybe write a WebGL renderer later, and a dom renderer for som mobile platforms).

The video bellow demonstrate some features

 [youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PuaO2k1SYY&hd=1″ title=”CUBE%20Engine%20:%20an%20HTML5%20isometric%20game%20engine%20(Javascript%2FCanvas)%20″ ratio=”4:3″ hd=”1″]

(Graphics by mouna)

HD video link : http://youtu.be/7PuaO2k1SYY?hd=1

try the online demo : http://cubedemo.emaroc.info/  

(supported browsers : Chrome, Firefox and IE9+, optimal performances with Chrome)

Some other features will be posted in another video : Multiplayer, particles effects, bots …etc

CUBE engine support both diamond and staggered isometric formats ; the maps are created using tiled editor in tmx format then compiled to an optimized json format (I know there is a json exporter provided with tiled editor but id doesn’t fit my needs 🙂 )

the server side is also coded in javascript on a nodejs server, I’m using nowjs library as a network layer but I’m thinking to move to sockjs and write my own network layer since I don’t need all nowjs features.

the first goal of this project is to write a fully operational browser isometric engine.

then to create an MMORPG based on this engine, but before a fully playable game, I’m planning to release some playable demos as the developement progress :

  • I’m presently working on the first playable demo witch will be a small world where people can connect, move around and tchat… later they will have the ability to customize their avatars (I’m focusing on the engine core right now)
  • The second step will be an arena where player can connect and combat another player or an AI.
  • The last step will be to put both modules together plus a quest and NPC system, at that stage all pieces will be here to start working on a real MMORPG game (this will need a lot of time and effort, don’t expect it for tomorrow :D)


that’s all for now …


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